Sunday, September 26, 2021
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What Does It Actually Mean When a Company Says, “We Do Not Sell Your Data”?

Experts say the privacy promise—ubiquitous in online services and apps—obscures the truth about how companies use personal data By: Alfred Ng You’ve likely run into this...

Millions of Prequalified Households Are Missing Out on a Crucial Internet Benefit

The Emergency Broadband Benefit fund was supposed to be widely available, but not everyone is getting the money By: Maddy Varner and Colin Lecher Last week,...

The Secret Bias Hidden in Mortgage-Approval Algorithms

Even accounting for factors lenders said would explain disparities, people of color are denied mortgages at significantly higher rates than White people By: Emmanuel Martinez...

EOS-3 satellite launch: ISRO’s mission suffered a last-minute blow, cryogenic engine spoiled the game

The mission could not be successful due to a technical fault in the cryogenic engine. ISRO Chairman K Sivan said that ISRO's GSLV-F10/EOS-03 mission...

7 Ways to Become A Better Conversationalist

A better conversationalist always appears more charismatic and informative. Everyone likes to talk with a better conversationalist but how do you become one?

If you are about to pass from Yamuna Express Way, Keep your vehicle’s speed slow, Here’s why?

The speed of small vehicles is reduced by 20% and for big vehicles, it's reduced by 25%. Which means previously speed of small cars was 100 now it's 80.

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