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Small Businesses: Survival Guide For Small Businesses During Corona (Covid-19) times.

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Like most of the business owners, if you are also a small business owner that really wants to thrive during this pandemic then this survival guide surely belongs to you.

Covid-19 has really taught us many things from lock down to working from home. It has changed all the previous perspective of conducting a business.

It broke all the traditional beliefs about the business and its proceedings. At first, It was also a kind of myth for me that an entire enterprise can also rely on their employees working from home and still not get affected much on behalf of their workings.

Though these big enterprises managed to survive as well as thrive, small enterprises were left with losses and nearly bankrupted.

Especially those small businesses that solely depend on the physical presence of employees at the workplace. If some of you figured out a way to thrive in this pandemic that’s great. For others, here’s how you can too.

1. Make sure your business complies with all safety measures to prevent Corona Virus

This idea is for the people who run businesses which is related to physical touching while providing the services. For example

  • A Barber Shop or Saloon
  • Catering Business
  • Cafe
  • One Product Restaurant or A Simple Restaurant
  • Massage Business
  • Furniture Business
  • Home Improvement & Handyman Services
  • Retail Business
  • And Other Businesses Like This

You must adhere to all the necessary safety measure to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Some measures could be as follows:

  • Ask sick employees to stay home
  • Raise awareness in your premises for the frequent use of using mask, washing hands and maintaining physical distance.
  • Performing routine cleaning of your entire premises
  • Allowing only limited customers at a time in your shop.
  • Providing all the necessary precautious material for cleanliness such as tissue paper for sneezing and coughing, no touch trash cans, soap and water, and hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.

You not just have to create something that looks safe but should be actually safe and practical. Simultaneously, you also have to advertise yourself as the safest and trusted place in front of your customers. If your customer will not feel comfortable entering then there’s is not benefit for creating such environment. All I am saying is do it effeciently.

2. Always Accept Payments Digitally

Accepting payments digitally will have a great impact on your business. Just by implementing digital payment faciality in your business the customers would be much more delighted to do the business with even in the long run.

By accepting payments digitally you not only prevent your customer from getting infected but also yourself from getting affected. Also, digital payments make it easier to track and manage your incoming and outgoing funds efficiently.

Following are the popular and trusted payment gateways

For Indian Markets

For International Market

3. Promoting Business From The View Point Of Corona Virus

If you want to thrive in this pandemic make sure you promote your business the right way. What I mean by promoting your business right way? Is that, while marketing about your products or about your in-store visit make sure you highlight all the precautions which are been taken care of in your business.

That could be:

How you keep your premises hygienic.

What safety precautions you take while producing goods.

What are the Corona Virus prevention benefits your product is providing.

What steps your management is taking to prevent the spread of Covid-19

And more related to this.

4. Going Online

Taking your business online is never a bad idea. And it’s not only because of Corona Virus, Now a days it has become a must procedure for any business to become successful in this highly competitive market.

If your business provides any services or products which are eligible to participate in the online market than without giving it any second doubt, start selling online.

When your business goes online it not just survives it thrives. Let’s say you are selling in your region which only have a limited reach and a limited potential customers. Ask it yourself will be able to succeed with all this limitation? And, the moment you list your business online or launch your own site, you immediately expose yourself to the whole globe. Now you can consider the world as your potential customer.

If you are not a tech savvy, consider a professional to build a website for you with all your custom needs. And I am website developer too, reach me.

So, there you have it. If you think I missed out on something let me know. And also do let me know your thoughts on this.

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